Caitlin Ruby Miller

Outreach Director/Therapist

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Caitlin Ruby Miller (she/her)

Do you find yourself overwhelmed and overstimulated in a world that seems to never slow down? Utilizing a therapy style uniquely crafted for you, Caitlin will work with you to find a sense of purpose, empowerment, and alignment with your deepest self. Caitlin specializes in working with clients exploring neurodiversity, burnout, chronic illness, queerness, “giftedness”, creativity, ADHD, autism, self-diagnosis, late-diagnosis, boundaries, relationships, anxiety, bipolar, and depression.

The strength in her approach comes from a balance of experimenting with tangible interventions to improve your daily life as well as insights that empower you to achieve a greater connection to yourself and the world. 

Caitlin is passionate about addressing the connecting loop of the mind and body, and has a network of holistic practitioners she collaborates with ongoingly. For clients who express interest in these interventions, Caitlin will experiment with improving mood and physical ailments. Caitlin has found that this can be particularly helpful for sensitive people, as well as people who have not found relief through the traditional medical model. 

Caitlin approaches therapy as a balance between art and science. She is trained in classical singing and owned a photography studio. She enjoys composing, working with ceramics, and writing. She has done research that explores gender, queerness, art therapy, mood disorders, and creativity. 

She prides herself in hearing and understanding her clients meaningfully, and giving them new insights and thoughtful challenges that have not yet been presented to them. This can include the process of unmasking in therapy; experimenting with digging deeper and processing shame and parts of ourselves that we hide.

Caitlin will help to guide you through your current challenges, explore your uniqueness, grow compassion, and find a sense of purpose. She nurtures safety by practicing authenticity with clients, particularly those who are new to therapy or have left previous therapeutic experiences wanting more. Caitlin encourages you to reach out so she can help guide the process of finding a great fit. Caitlin encourages herself and her clients to expand their presence in the world and gain the skills to be unapologetically themself in this ever-changing world.

Specialties: Neurodiversity, Autism, Creatives, High Achievers, Queerness, Anxiety, Depression, Self-Diagnosis, Bipolar, Identity, Relationships, Boundaries, Chronic Illness, Mind/Body Connection, Holistic Wellness

Services Offered: Individual Therapy, Family Therapy

Ages: Teens, Adults

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Additionally, Caitlin serves as Effective Artistry’s Outreach Director. Interested in any business development, collaborations, presentations, or speaking engagements? Reach out to Caitlin, and she can assist in executing your goals.

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