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Katherine Esposito (she/her)

Formerly a ward of the state who was failed by the Illinois DCFS system, Katherine has gained grit and resilience from enduring adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), which allows her to bring a deep understanding and empathy to those who have experienced their own unique traumas–whatever they may be. Professionally identified in grade school as a “gifted” kid of the 90’s, Katherine remembers what it was like to feel misunderstood by teachers, peers, and the like. Katherine is a neurodivergent, creative, and spiritual person, and has been described as down to earth, perceptive, non-judgmental, empathic, and funny. Katherine previously studied environmental science, and her life-long passions are ecology, wildlife, and nature photography.

Katherine specializes in working with those exploring neurodiversity, ADHD, mood disorders, depression, generalized anxiety and eco-anxiety; while simultaneously helping boost your self-confidence and positive self-beliefs. As your therapist, her first goal is to establish a healthy and trusting relationship with you so that you leave each session feeling validated and truly heard. Committed to full authenticity and creating a genuine connection, Katherine avoids the facade of a therapist persona. Bringing a person-centered approach, we might explore existential themes in your life, challenge negative self-beliefs, learn new life and coping skills, and utilize solution-focused therapy that includes actively reaching tangible goals. You may find that hearing an objective perspective helps uncover insights that you may not have otherwise considered.

Katherine provides individual, group, and family therapy virtually anywhere in Illinois and in-person in Northbrook, Illinois. Katherine works with a wide range of ages, including children, adolescents, and adults. She is committed to help you begin a new chapter in your life, when you are ready.

Specialties: Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, Climate Grief, Relationship Issues, Executive Functioning, ADHD, Self-Esteem, Neurodiversity, Burnout

Services Offered: Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy

Ages: Children, Teens, Adults

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