Marie Moran

Executive Functioning Coach

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Marie Moran (she/her)

Marie is an executive functioning coach based in Scotland, UK. In 2020, following a later-in-life diagnosis of ADHD, Marie threw herself into learning about ADHD, autism and the wider neurodiversity movement. 

Marie was a co-founder of ADHD Hive, a not-for-profit organization supporting neurodivergent adults through facilitating online community, connection and peer support. While at the Hive, she ran a regular co-working group and a creative writing group, that brought together creative and talented people from all over the globe. 

At the Hive, Marie had a particular focus on students and academics who needed support while working from home. Marie has worked as a college/university tutor and academic library worker, and is passionate about making learning more accessible and enjoyable for all. 

Marie enjoys working with adults and young people. As a university study skills tutor, Marie is passionate about helping young adults to strengthen their executive functioning skills.

She loves working with people who identify as a Jack/Jill-of-All-Trades, to help them explore their creativity and curiosity and thrive as a “multipotentialite”.

Services Offered: Executive Functioning Coaching

Specialties: Neurodiversity, ADHD, AuDHD, Autism, Late Diagnosis, Self-diagnosis, Study Skills, Academics, Time Management, Planning, Self-Compassion, Career Exploration, Energy Management, Creativity, Writing

Ages: Teens, Adults

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