Osvaldo Alcaraz

(Services in Spanish & English)

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Osvaldo Alcaraz (he/him)

Your identity is complicated, especially if your gender or sexuality falls under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella. Exploring and integrating our various intersecting identities while also navigating our communities can be both painful and joyful. As a bilingual mental health therapist and a Certified Trauma Professional, I address all issues through a lens of inclusivity. Being a queer Latino male myself, I understand it can often feel like we have to choose between compromising who we are or being cut off from our communities.

I enjoy working with queer folks with a history of trauma and I utilize a person-centered approach in session. I believe that everyone has the capacity for growth and self-actualization. My role is to provide you with a non-judgmental space while simultaneously promoting your ability to use self-direction.

Seeking therapeutic services can be stressful and I commend you for taking that big step. No matter your cultural background, we can work together in a collaborative environment to help you reach your desired goals. If you think we might be a good fit, please contact me to schedule a free consultation.

Specialties: LGBTQIA+, Gender, Queerness, Trauma, PTSD, Latinx, Hispanic, Immigration

Services Offered: individual therapy, couples therapy

Ages: teens, adults

Directory Profiles: Psychology TodayInclusive Therapists

Ozzie offers services in both Spanish and English.

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